i would rather sail than do anything.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


more to come. sorry i've been so awol! here's a fun pic from today!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


so i got high last night more than i ever have before from secondhand weed smoke. the joe cocker/steve miller band concert last night at the old tweeter was awesome (even though steve miller forgot some of the words...) but since we got to the concert late, we got to park in the VIP section for free! which was at LEAST a $30 value. which also meant we got to park right behind the motorcycles AND got to be some of the first to leave. i was actually thankful for that cuz i'd rather not be driving around anyone who was in the state of most of the concert-goers. (high AND very drunk.) i could tell i was quite lightheaded and in a daze but flying down 80 with the windows down and music cranked helped. the fresh air was amazing. (as fresh as you can get in this populated of an area....)

surprisingly, there were few old schoolers there. bearded hippies and such. there were disappointedly a LOT of little teenagers there who were just there for a good time. not to enjoy the music. just to get drunk and high and have a little fun outside. so why wouldn't they just stay home and do stuff like that in their backyards? it's a little cheaper, safer, and less annoying to the rest of us. i was also surprised how many teenyboppers showed up with their parents too. it's unbelievable and unforgivable the number of parents who are all about being friends with their kids rather than being parents. that will so bite them in the butt later!

oh yeah, we were late to the concert cuz we decided to hit up the ikea in bolingbrook. that was pretty cool...although i like the one in schaumburg tons better tho! i forgot how small this one was. but i'm sure it was better this way otherwise we would have been REALLY late!