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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

how 'bout this weather?!??

wow. just a few measly snowflakes here in valpo. mostly RAIN. drenching, soaking rain. a few degrees cooler towards chicago, they got 3ish inches. north of chicago got 6-12 and some places in wisconsin were lucky enuf to get 20. and we don't even have a dusting. i'm not sad or depressed due to the fact that at this point in time, we've only had eleven minutes of sunlight for the past six days (all of february) but becuz we have no snow. they keep talking about how we're getting more snow than we have in a long time but aren't acknowledging the fact that even though that may be true, it melts so fast that we don't even know it was here! i still haven't gone skiing OR sledding yet this year.

then there's those tornadoes. i'm not sure about the new fujita scale though, with the "enhanced" numbers. i'll need to take some meteorology classes or attend a lecture or something. i don't know if mr. fujita (the inventor) would appreciate this. but anyway, the "EF4" tornado must've been huge. i can't imagine a tornado or any other such natural disaster blowing away my college. that would suck. but i wonder where these poor kids will go for two weeks. (why are they only closing union university or whatever it's called for two weeks when the entire campus was destroyed?) wow.

now FEMA and the joke that it is can actually try to make a difference. and restore our hope in our own lousy government. if they can provide for the needs of these students and these towns, my faith will be marginally renewed. but whatever. i'll have to see it to believe it.

okay, i suppose that's about it. oh, and if you live around here, watch out for the potholes. they're everywhere. especially on route 6. your whole car might fall into a pothole. and no one would be able to find you.


Monday, February 04, 2008

cheaters never prosper...giants deserved it

not sure why the giants won other than the fact that eli manning is AMAZING. the last two minutes of the game were fabulous. and it's fitting that new england LOST. how ridiculous of a coach they have!!! how can he sleep at night living/coaching the way he is? and trying to cheat as much as he is? i mean, i know he's getting paid a ton, (relative to me) but these are men throwing and catching a ball on a field. if you can't coach fairly and be a good sport, even if your season & post-season records are perfect, you do not deserve to win. too bad for you. wonder how many other times you taped the signals and didn't get caught.

you go eli. manning bros rock! thanks for making the patriots send all their super bowl championship garb (hats, shirts, etc.) to a third world country.