i would rather sail than do anything.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

back from traverse city

my friends diann & matt got married this weekend in traverse city. of course i was hoping for snow--lake effect or ANY kind--and all we got was drizzle and freezing rain. oh well. anyway, here are some pics. there's one of matt and diann (already changed out of their wedding attire), andy and diann (still dressed up), me and diann, me and andy, and chad, abby, and andy eating pza while watching the GAME. yeah, OSU vs. michigan. then we went back down to lansing to drop off chad and crash at andy's apt.

puppy at the polling place

okay...so i worked at the nov. 7th election and we had a special little voter come in. and yes, i was at the porter county highway department so i had to wear one of their very fashionable vests. like my little friend? and my beautiful vest? i love the color.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

biggest, most hugest apologies

but i'm SO EXCITED THAT "STAY THE COURSE" RUMSFELD RESIGNED that i had to post today. even though i don't really have time, i have to share my excitement. i also apologize big time for not being online much recently. i've been SO SO SO SO SO busy i can't even explain it.

anyway, i'm glad the election is over so i don't have to watch any more of those dumb, worthless, pointless, idiotic partisan commercials on t.v. (not that i have time to watch that either, but anyway...)

i hope everyone voted AMERICAN. straight party tickets should be OUTLAWED. they SUCK.