i would rather sail than do anything.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4 times in less than 4 months....

bank very nearby my apartment got robbed today around 10am. in broad daylight. this mexican dude is the same dude who keeps hittin it. he never brings a gun; just hands the tellers a note. then he gets away on foot; never has a getaway car.

here's another fun twist. (read on; it's related) my place of business, the courts, has decided to see what kind of numbers a new method of marketing would bring in. we've tried placing yard signs all over the place at busy intersections. sweet. we've actually had a LOT of calls from those signs. it's been crazy. but anyhoo, we've had a few TOO many calls and our one program is full and can't accept any more registrants. so today on my day off, i decided to go ahead and take down the second of two signs i had put up near my apt. i wandered out about 10:30 and watched an unmarked cop car parusing our parking lot. i figured he had just decided to take a break. or something. but then as i approached the sign and got out of my car to uproot the sign and throw it in the back seat, i see three fbi guys and an ADORABLE bloodhound walking down the middle of route 2. (or laporte ave. whichever u wanna call it.) so i stood there and watched them. apparently the robber had run right by where i was standing cuz the little bloodhound came up to me, sniffed my jeans and my shoes, and then kept going. i knew i couldn't pet the pup--as much as i had wanted to, i knew one of the three fbi guys would have prolly shot ME cuz they were so pissed for looking so DUMB. so i just stood there and watched the floppy-eared fellow sniff my shoes and continue on with his guys.

so anyway, i am supposing that my position on this whole thing is that this little dude DESERVES the $$$ if our little law enforcement in valpo/porter county is too SLOW to catch this guy. good grief. he's making monthly withdrawals! maybe i should try making withdrawals the same way he is doing it! i mean, it IS actually my own bank, anyway!

HOW EMBARRASSING. way to get on the map, valpo. oh yes, there is one more thing...why is it the DNR showed up? was it a deer, no wait...a SQUIRREL who ran off with the money? ahhh, maybe it was a raccoon or an opossum. their eyes look sorta shifty sometimes. i can understand why the DNR would want to get involved.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

i luv VAN HALEN!

never saw them before but loved their music growing up. saw them for the first time thursday night at the united center. they were AWESOME. eddie van halen makes me want to go out and buy a guitar. i just wanna learn to play it! he's so amazing. these guys are still pretty hot (despite the fact that they're in their mid FIFTIES now...)

they are clean cut and clean shaven. mostly. and michael anthony is out as bassist and eddie van halen's boy wolfgang is IN. he's a 16-year-old kid and he's pretty musically talented. wolfgang van halen is called "wolf" for short and was named after wolfgang amadeus mozart. (eddie and alex were born in amsterdam and lived there for nearly the first ten years of their lives.) they were both trained as classical pianists when they were young.

apparently when they were young, eddie wanted to learn drums so he started a paper route so that he could pay for his new drum set. alex started out playing guitar. meanwhile, alex (AS EDDIE WAS DELIVERING THE NEWSPAPERS) was practicing on eddie's new drum set and got really good REALLY fast. eddie decided to not do drums anymore and went ahead learning guitar.

i also learned a few things about the band over the past week: did you know eddie had hip replacement surgery in 1999? he also is missing half of his tongue due to cancer. but he still smokes. david lee roth is an EMT in new york. alex van halen has a son named aric who is in high school and runs cross country at oakwood high.

i love van halen!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

sing it, say it, shout it. but no one believes you, larry.

anyone else watch the matt lauer interview with larry craig (and suzanne craig)? holy cow. poor idaho. they are SO the country's laughing stock. what the heck? larry craig is the biggest freaking liar i've ever watched on t.v. to my knowledge. matt lauer is asking good and fair questions. i appreciate his finesse. but i just wanna smack larry. or something.

he pleaded guilty because he knew he was wrong. he followed a very orchestrated set of movements set in place to solicit gay sex that i firmly believe he couldn't have done without knowing the movements and the order of the gestures. just come on out of the closet already. and your poor wife...she is trusting your lies and is looking like the biggest naive fool ever. put everyone out of their misery. and tell the truth. WHY IN HEAVEN'S NAME WOULD YOU PLEAD GUILTY IF YOU WERE INNOCENT? you've implicated yourself. please be truthful to yourself. and be truthful to your family. you're perceived as a punk and don't have the credibility any longer to represent your state. step down.

and for anyone who's interested...go to youtube and enter in the search box "if larry craig were gay." it's quite amusing.

but also, to be quite honest, since i've been away from all my gay friends in philly and on the east coast, i'm becoming a bit of a homophobe again. and i'm not liking that. but whatever. my issue is with larry craig LYING LIKE A RUG. for all that he stands for, he's the biggest hypocrite ever. he needs to tell the truth. and only then can he really get on with his life. because otherwise, this will haunt him until he dies.

geez. how can you even live with yourself?????

Sunday, October 14, 2007

V.U. Basketball

i am so glad homer drew and his coaching staff are so organized. love that. it made my life a LOT easier when they came to run a basketball camp for kids grades 1-5 yesterday. it was from 9:30-11am and the kids loved it. i will say, however, that the V.U. team is prolly (HIGHLY LIKELY) gonna have to work on their 3-point shots at practice this week. good grief. maybe it was cuz they weren't warmed up. but anyway, good times. here's a pic of me and homer, head coach at Valparaiso University.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

who's the dumb one?


got a lady into the courts today who lied about the premise of her even being there. nevermind that she came with her 22-year-old son who must have been too much of a wuss to take care of himself. apparently, there's a guy out of texas who had wanted to have a men's tournament at the courts. okay, fine. he called us to see if we would rent him the building. again, fine. but these people (the 22-year-old and his mommy) were dumb enuf to wire $250 cash to this guy in texas. the tournament was cancelled. so either he's running a scam out of texas or its legit. but she wants her $250 back and expects us to coff it up.


we didn't take her money. and we're certainly not giving her $250 of ours. ew. so she said she's going to the papers. mark, (the owner) said fine. she asked for someone more higher-up than him. he mentioned to her that he owned the place and she was already at the top. she was befuddled and disgruntled.

about the newspaper thingy...the nwi times published an ad about the tournament that was to take place at our facility. she is trying to say that we are at fault because we are connected to them. yeah, we wrote about it on our website but clearly left the texas man's phone number so they would know he is the contact. and next, it is rather irresponsible to publish something in the newspaper about a local business without that business' approval.

THE NWI TIMES SUCKS. repeatedly for years the grammar in this so-called newspaper is such that my inner-city 5th graders could have written a better paper easily. the articles sometimes are incomplete and that is just the beginning of it all. good grief. nevermind all the incorrect information and lack of responsible reporting. ugh.

no wonder jerry davich has moved on to the post tribune. TIMES, YOU SUCK!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

tired of it!

i have a gift. a SPECIAL gift. something that i'm very good at. or at least this past week, anyway. wanna know what it is? i'm good at conversing with people when they're stressed out. i've just picked random BAD times to chitchat with people and have had them blow up and freak out on me. for no apparent reason. not sure why this has been happening this week, but it's stressing me out. and pissing me off. but such is life and i will need to get over it.

this is also why i joined the most recent group that i did on facebook....