i would rather sail than do anything.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

speculative musings

apparently us peons were just enlightened today with what george bush is doing about our environment--besides nothing. he's trying to edit all the briefings brought to himself and congress about global warming. actually, he's not editing it but his cronies are. (can you imagine if he tried to EDIT something? he likely doesn't even know what that means.) anyway, one of his puppets called global warming "speculative musings." george bush is A-musing as president. too bad he's president of my country. and too bad that comes at a cost for the rest of us. i would rather have stephen colbert as president. STEPHEN COLBERT FOR PRESIDENT!

anyone would be better than dear old W. i'd even be okay with miss piggy as president. or mr. salt or mrs. pepper from blues clues. at least they've developed reasoning skills!

p.s. if you want to see the article i'm referring to, please email me or leave a message here. i'll gladly send it along.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

waiting for the championship game to end....

hey! i'm sitting here as "hostess of birthday parties" waiting for the 7:00 party to show up. and for the two 5:30 championship games to end. i hear mass cheering and i believe hank just left to pass out trophies.

last night as i was hanging out with big red on the tennis courts (big red is our massive vacuum-cleaner type thing) and i saw a puddle. initially, i thought this puddle was made by someone who spilled their water. as i continued around with big red, i heard a tiny "ker-splash" and continued on. as i got closer to the east wall, i heard louder "ker-splashes." finally heard a HUGE "KER-SPLASH" and i realized that our brand new building not even 4 months old yet has a leaky roof. i'm sure the melting snow atop this place isn't helping. the whole inch-and-a-half of snow that we've got this season. funny how when the temp. gets cold it doesn't leak anymore. that can't be good.

the freezing and thawing of a leaky roof. ugh.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

great lakes frieghters

wow...i pretty much suck at keeping this current. at least i am posting something now! (i have tuesdays off.) maybe i can do this somewhat regularly? i dunno.

anyway, great lakes freighters pretty much have to slow down a BUNCH in the way northern great lakes in the wintertime but this year due to el nino or whatever global warming crap is going on, there were a ton of ships on lakes huron and superior. wow. in the soo locks and everything. i was amazed. my friend sue vaal and i drove out to the dunes (northern lake huron) to watch the sun set and to talk. there was a freighter going by then, too. i even saw one go by while hanging out one afternoon in the lodge at cedar campus. anyway, here's a sunset pic (my lighthouse is in the pic too) and the freighter shot too. i've been back from cedar now for more than a week and have JUST unpacked and did all my laundry. it was pretty crazy. oh well. oh, while we were there we had TWO inches of snow. yeah. and it lasted all of eight hours. then it was all gone. but there were puddles EVERYWHERE. cuz of all the RAIN. you know, if it had been 30 degrees or lower, we would have gotten between 2 and 3 feet of snow JUST while we were there. ugh. so sad, so sad. SERIOUSLY SAD.