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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

biggest, most hugest apologies

but i'm SO EXCITED THAT "STAY THE COURSE" RUMSFELD RESIGNED that i had to post today. even though i don't really have time, i have to share my excitement. i also apologize big time for not being online much recently. i've been SO SO SO SO SO busy i can't even explain it.

anyway, i'm glad the election is over so i don't have to watch any more of those dumb, worthless, pointless, idiotic partisan commercials on t.v. (not that i have time to watch that either, but anyway...)

i hope everyone voted AMERICAN. straight party tickets should be OUTLAWED. they SUCK.


Holly said...

You ROCK Becky I am so happy to see you back here you are part of my morning routine and I had missed reading about whats happening. Welcome back!!

sailfish said...

thanks hol. i love you!