i would rather sail than do anything.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

leaving tomorrow...uh...later today

i'm going up to the u.p. like i always do this time of year but usually i've packed by now. it's just after midnight and i haven't even started. oh well. at least my laundry is done. i just gotta try to remember to throw everything important in a bag and i'll be good. right? anyway, we're going to cedar campus--intervarsity's main conference grounds in the midwest. it's about a 45-minute drive northeast of mackinac island. (like...a 7-8 hour drive.) yeah, it's sweet up there. few people and lots of coastline. plenty of little fuzzy critters too. but some are stinky. anyway, we're going with some chinese people--we do that often--but this time, they know no english. the baby in this picture is their granddaughter. and the parents of the baby went to cedar last year. anyway, without knowing english, it will be fun playing charades to try to communicate. i can't wait to SLEEP in the car. oh, and we rented a suburban like we usually do. so we'll have plenty of space for luggage and to stretch out. woohoo. and SHOULD IT DECIDE TO SNOW, like, EVER, we'll have the 4-wheel-drive to handle it. okay. ta ta for now. hopefully i'll have some sort of wireless up there so i can post some more. i should be banished from my blog since i update it so INfrequently. yeah, i know. sorry.

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