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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

sing it, say it, shout it. but no one believes you, larry.

anyone else watch the matt lauer interview with larry craig (and suzanne craig)? holy cow. poor idaho. they are SO the country's laughing stock. what the heck? larry craig is the biggest freaking liar i've ever watched on t.v. to my knowledge. matt lauer is asking good and fair questions. i appreciate his finesse. but i just wanna smack larry. or something.

he pleaded guilty because he knew he was wrong. he followed a very orchestrated set of movements set in place to solicit gay sex that i firmly believe he couldn't have done without knowing the movements and the order of the gestures. just come on out of the closet already. and your poor wife...she is trusting your lies and is looking like the biggest naive fool ever. put everyone out of their misery. and tell the truth. WHY IN HEAVEN'S NAME WOULD YOU PLEAD GUILTY IF YOU WERE INNOCENT? you've implicated yourself. please be truthful to yourself. and be truthful to your family. you're perceived as a punk and don't have the credibility any longer to represent your state. step down.

and for anyone who's interested...go to youtube and enter in the search box "if larry craig were gay." it's quite amusing.

but also, to be quite honest, since i've been away from all my gay friends in philly and on the east coast, i'm becoming a bit of a homophobe again. and i'm not liking that. but whatever. my issue is with larry craig LYING LIKE A RUG. for all that he stands for, he's the biggest hypocrite ever. he needs to tell the truth. and only then can he really get on with his life. because otherwise, this will haunt him until he dies.

geez. how can you even live with yourself?????


Amy said...

Tagged you for a meme!




Shane Vander Hart said...

Yep he is sooooo lying. He needs to resign. I think Senator Vitter of LA needs to resign as well.

We should expect integrity out of our political leadership.

BTW, what to you consider to be homophobia? That term gets thrown around a lot.

sailfish said...

especially if they're entirely hypocritical. yup. our politicians suck for the most part. and about that huckabee guy... he seems pretty decent. i saw him on glenn beck this week and liked what i saw. i'm also all about ron paul. oh yeah, but i'm also loving stephen colbert too. :)

and as for homophobia, for me, i consider it to be an intolerance for gays. i mean, i disagree with the lifestyle but it's kind of the love the sinner hate the sin thing. and i'm not here to judge. but it can be hard to love people sometimes when they can be so in your face with all the gay pride bs. but one of my gay friends in college was an amazing, AMAZING friend to me and i learned a lot about life from her. here in the midwest everything is so repressed and outdated. the gay people i know out here are living in shame. hiding. i also am a believer of living your life 100% fully. if we do someday find something in some peoples' genetic makeups that DOES prove that it can be nature and not nurture, i will tell a few certain people "i told ya so." but also, the Bible is clear on its position that homosexuality is wrong.

i compare it to this: my birth parents were/are alcoholics. i have the dna that could cause me to also be an alcoholic. i just have to stay away from the stuff, for the most part and i won't become one.

if there is a "gay gene" somewhere, fine. but from what i can tell the Bible calls people with gay tendencies to abstain from sexual stuff. i wonder if these are the people who are intended to be single? i dunno.

and then there are just those who like the very super-accepting sub culture and just say they're gay cuz no one else in society accepts them. i can't STAND these types.