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Monday, January 14, 2008

getting sleepy...

i'll be off to bed soon but i had to include this pic before i turned in. one day during our international houseparty, (during new year's week when we were in michigan) we had a hayride for the students. when all was said and done and the students had left the area to go back to mariner's cove, i drove back over to old mill point to check on the sauna. as i turned into the old mill point drive, i saw several deer scatter--but one stayed. it just stared at me. i hit the brakes and just watched. i saw that the deer had all been munching on the hay that had fallen off the haywagon. but i guess the one was so hungry it didn't care if i stayed or not. so it continued to munch a bit before wandering slowly off. and i definitely shot it. (with my CAMERA!)

GOOD night.

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