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Monday, February 04, 2008

cheaters never prosper...giants deserved it

not sure why the giants won other than the fact that eli manning is AMAZING. the last two minutes of the game were fabulous. and it's fitting that new england LOST. how ridiculous of a coach they have!!! how can he sleep at night living/coaching the way he is? and trying to cheat as much as he is? i mean, i know he's getting paid a ton, (relative to me) but these are men throwing and catching a ball on a field. if you can't coach fairly and be a good sport, even if your season & post-season records are perfect, you do not deserve to win. too bad for you. wonder how many other times you taped the signals and didn't get caught.

you go eli. manning bros rock! thanks for making the patriots send all their super bowl championship garb (hats, shirts, etc.) to a third world country.



Shane Vander Hart said...

If the Patriots were a class team I would have rooted for them because it would have been neat to see a team be only the second NFL team to go undefeated.

But they are not a class team... Go Giants!

sailfish said...


sailfish said...

btw...i left you a message about the online donation...did you get it? SOY should have gotten a check in the mail quite some time ago. let me know if that didn't happen. it's kind of confusing though, because i don't remember what the check would say...it doesn't say "facebook" or anything familiar like that.