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Friday, March 14, 2008

are you KIDDING me?

okay. so i went to get gas yesterday but i waited longer than i normally would have because i was waiting for gas prices to go DOWN. yeah. well, that didn't at all happen. i paid $3.39 for gas last night. i was at about an 8th of a tank and still paid $55 bucks. i'm so pissed. this is ridiculous. our country produces 7% of the world's oil. yet we act like we produce nearly all of it. but none of our oil refineries have been built/seriously revamped in more than 30 years. are we living in a black hole? or like those birds who bury their heads in the sand? i think we do.

our dollar every day is reaching an all-time low. i guess all i can say is DON'T TRAVEL TO EUROPE! or anywhere else for that matter. unless you also plan on living there and getting a job there as well. the american dollar has tanked and continues to do so. maybe our illustrious politicians can find a way to solve these problems.


george bush as of about two weeks ago IN A PRESS CONFERENCE had no idea the projected price for a gallon of gas was $4.00. he voiced, AUDIBLY, that he had no idea this was the case. he said "no one told him." apparently the government is no longer "of the people, for the people, by the people." anymore, our "democracy" means whomever has the most money gets into washington. to run the country. we must look like an absolute CIRCUS to those whom we are trying to convince a democracy is the way to go. every vote counts? really? then what about these superdelegates? and now what about michigan and florida?

in my opinion the idea of the electoral college needs to be revisited. the popular vote must stand for something. because as it is, each individual vote does NOT count.

and in a parting note for my fun and uplifting entry today: they're saying my new ipod shuffle as well as other new ipods, navigation systems and other electronics could be full of viruses before the packaging is even opened. they're brand new. not even out of the box yet. this due to the fact that (because we've outsourced our jobs-mostly to china) the carelessness of the workers are putting us all at risk.

and we're outsourcing our military stuff too? are you KIDDING me??? yeah, i guess that seems SAFE. and LOGICAL. who are the boneheads making these decisions???

does this mean we're still a world power? cuz from what i can tell we must be the laughing stock of the world. once again...this is embarrassing.

who can fix it? and is it too late?

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