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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

are you kidding me?

what a joke. i'm sorry but if you have "CHRISTIAN" anywhere in your name or title, i would like to think you could almost live up to it. or at least be making an effort. instead of all the hypocrisy that surrounds you. the PRETENSE of being upstanding and having good morals, beliefs, or principles.

whatEVER. i was not impressed at all at one of our area "christian" schools and a certain player's performance today at my place of employment. and i use that term loosely. actually, there are two terms associated with this place that i use loosely. "christian" and "school."

what a farce.

get over yourselves. and be careful how you live. because believers who are watching you are EMBARRASSED to be identified in the same "grouping" as you and those who are not believers see you as complete hypocrites. i could not be more embarrassed and pissed off right now. not a chance. sadly. hopefully this school with either fold completely or improve tremendously. cuz i don't know what favors it's doing these kids anyway. and it can't get worse than it already is.

i am so disgusted.

but if certain people EVER come in again the way they came in today with the same horrible attitude and complete disrespect for the gym, their butts will be thrown out so fast it will make your head spin. same will happen to their parents when they come to try to rescue their children. and then the cops will be called.



Anonymous said...

So because of one young person's actions the whole school is a joke? How quick we Christians are to judge those around us.

sailfish said...

interesting. i would like to think we could live to a higher standard. if we call ourselves christians are we not supposed to live differently? but "christian" doesn't mean much anymore, depending on where we are. and although this one person was the main issue that evening, unfortunately this is status quo for this place.

so yes, i must say i am entirely disappointed in the hypocrisy. because i also identify myself as one of those "christians." it makes my job all the much harder by those who although identify with us, work against us.

Anonymous said...

No one is perfect. All Christians would agree. But if you have "Christian" in your name or title, I agree that you need to be aware of that and do your best to represent that well.

Mandi said...

I'm so sorry bec...for the trouble with the "christian"..you know ALOT of people send their kids to the christian school out of desperation not conviction. not all but some. you know as well as i do.."christian" is so often a title and not a conviction at all .we can call ourselves we want but if our lives don't look a thing like it...keep your mouth shut! At least learn how to fail well and admit it when we screw up, we all do! i know you are ticked and i can't say i blame you BUT remember this kid/kids are on a journey too and IF they really know the Lord He will not allow them to get away with whatever too too long. :)

Mandi Cornett said...

here it is....cleansefillpour.blogspot.com

sailfish said...

i know. you're right. but it's just frustrating watching this school over a two-year period and seeing not only the children, but the ADULTS acting in the same manner. why not change the word "christian" in their title to "private?" it's a matter of principle. and i'm sick of the hypocrisy.