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Saturday, April 21, 2007


i'll have fun pics someday--from when i was in amish country last weekend. i've just been busy 24/7 since i've been back.

this whole imus thing, however, is something i feel i finally need to speak about. first of all, what he said was pretty low. he must have been thinking it but accidentally said it out loud. shame on him for even thinking that. however, what happened to free speech? if imus has been on the radio for ~30 years as a SHOCK JOCK, why is everyone surprised he actually said something like this? now all dj's are gonna put a cap on everything they may want to say for fear of getting in trouble. i've heard that his firing was a mistake--only because cbs acted too swiftly. you wanna know why? cuz of those dang people named "REVEREND" al sharpton and "REVEREND" jesse jackson freaking out on the poor network. (as for al sharpton--i question ANY person who was ordained at age TEN. what the heck is that?????) and jesse jackson is just a punk. he's a MLK wannabe. but far from the real thing. what the heck is "rainbow push," anyway? at first glance it sounds like a gay/lesbian rights group. all we need are these two "men" thinking they're God's gift to our current society and trying to tell people that certain others owe them something.

i'm getting tired of AL and JESSE.

and what about the hypocrisy? the double standard? check out some of the hiphop/rap lyrics of today's "artists." you might be surprised at the profanity and degrading of women.

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