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Saturday, April 21, 2007


virginia tech got a raw deal. blacksburg, VA did too. apparently the people cho meant to kill (some rich, whiny, spoiled kids) were not the ones he did away with. unfortunately, he was tossed aside by society and even though there were warnings from his professors to their administrators, and even to the police, nothing was done.

as a former teacher, i feel that i have every right to say that as a society we have failed him. if he acted strangely as a younger child and was bullied, his teachers and other adults in his life are at fault for not intervening. he moved to this country when he was 8 and apparently had a ruff time adjusting. too bad for us--esp. the families directly affected who had family members killed earlier this week--not enuf was done to help him. our country is great at standing by and watching children get bullied. "they'll grow out of being the smallest kid," they'll say, or "someday he'll really fight back."

so although cho is completely guilty and WRONG to do what he did, he is not completely at fault. we can't hold him personally responsible either, because he is dead too. but when all these interviews on t.v. have all these people saying, "of course we'll learn a lot from this..." I DISAGREE. we don't learn from much. our society is ego driven--not many think of others first. if we continue down this path as a bunch of self-absorbed people, we won't learn anything at all.

we are a screwed up society.


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