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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's been awhile

i posted a comment on a friend's blog and found myself signing in to my own. i don't have a ton to write about or even mention. it's my first summer working. i don't teach anymore. and this is the ONLY thing i miss about teaching. stuff is ok but i miss traveling. i miss my freedom in the summer. saturday i had an enjoyable day, tho. i went to play wii at a friend's house, we swam and floated in the pool, had dinner, and then i went out with another friend on his boat to watch the fireworks.


i miss the great white north too. anyhow i guess it would be the great brown north. the midwest has had a serious lack of rain. but i usually get to cedar during the summer. couple times. i still had fun on memorial day weekend when i forced myself up north even though i felt crappy. sore throat, etc. but i still had a good time. went sailing and slept a lot. both were muchly needed. i miss my friends up there and the water. miss the boats. miss sailing. and the trees and the lack of people. but again, that was basically my last post.

the pic is of a friend's dog. he lives on a farm. in ohio.


Lord of the Barnyard said...

you have successfully taken the funniest caius picture ever

sailfish said...

chaching. i think you told me i took a great pic of darwin too. i love dogs.

*MichiganMomma* said...

the boat race is this weekend - wish you could be here...

luv ya,
Dean & Lori

sailfish said...

dang. i know i missed it. at least being there PERSONALLY. but i did subscribe online to get updates and stuff. next year is the 100th race from chicago to mackinac. i REALLY wanna go.