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Sunday, July 22, 2007

no picture yet...

i'm too tired to go in search of my camera with the pics from tonight...it probably ran off with my cell phone. but my cell is actually MIA and has been for a few days now. my mom and my employer person think i lost it on purpose cuz i hated that fone. anyway, i've already ordered a new one but won't get it till wednesday, so i'm told. thankfully, everything's backed up online. (seeing as how i have more than 400 contacts in my fone.)

anyway, i made best friends tonight with a 3-week-old jersey calf. he is soooooooooooo cute. and nibbly. when i got home a good third of my shirt was soaking wet. he licked my arm and sucked on my fingers. it is a good idea for 3-week-old calves to have a salt-lick? i dunno but i'm sure i provided that service tonight. man, i could take him home. i've got pics, but like i said, they're still in my camera. which is who-knows-where.

oh yeah, and i met some country singer named "dierks bentley." i had never heard of him before tonight but got a pic with him anyway cuz my friend went NUTS over him. he's in concert tonight at the good ol' porter county fair. and seeing as how he wanted to go hang out for a few minutes in between some parked trucks in the parking lot of the fair, it was obvious he was trying to keep a low profile. (he was sneaking around with a hat and sunglasses on too.) after a large herd of girls/women saw him, they drew a crowd and started heading over towards us in the parking lot. he saw them, greeted them kindly, said goodbye to us, and made a mad dash back to his "safe area" which was between his tour buses. so i guess i somehow am a lucky person! but he WAS totally hot. i'll say that for him. too bad i don't like country music.

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