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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

deadliest catch

okay...so tonight was the season opener for deadliest catch. i watched it and LOVED it. (as usual.) i wrote on my facebook that i was going to watch it and my friend amy (from college) told me her brother was the pastor who gave the bering sea blessing before all the fishing vessels from deadliest catch started their season. (her brother is dan; he is actually my age and was in my class @ eastern.) i miss them both. but it was really cool that amy mentioned that dan was on this episode; i may not have looked so closely otherwise. he shaved his head since i saw him last but otherwise looks the same.


before the show i ran out to chesterton (from laporte where i'm staying) because my friend's 3-year-old locked her closet door shut. and they couldn't figure out how to get the door open. funny, though, it's just a closet door but it was a sturdy one AND had an actual LOCK on it. so we banged out the hinge pins (that what they're called?!) and just took the door off.

what an eventful evening!

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