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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

rear view mirror

not in a long time have i watched what was behind me in my outside rear-view mirror. as i drove from valpo to laporte today, the sunset was pretty amazing. i decided to take a pic with my cell phone but that really didn't do it any justice. (as you can tell.) but it was a sweet sunset. you'll have to take my word. (and for any of you who know the route between valpo & laporte fairly well--route 2--this is right at pinhook, where the road goes by a church & cemetery and heads northwest instead of just west.)

but i have to say, this is also the time of day the most picked on deer gets to be the dummy to go see if any cars are coming so any random bunch can cross the road. well...tonight i saw the dummy deer come out to the road and it actually looked both ways. yes. it really did. and after it saw me coming, it still stepped forward onto the shoulder of the road. (hence the name "dummy" i suppose.) but after it somehow got spooked, it ran back to the others who were only about 10-15 feet behind and they ran off. i thought there were only 3 or 4. but then i looked again and saw a LOT more than that.

glad the deer decided not to play chicken tonight. at least with me.

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