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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

speculative musings

apparently us peons were just enlightened today with what george bush is doing about our environment--besides nothing. he's trying to edit all the briefings brought to himself and congress about global warming. actually, he's not editing it but his cronies are. (can you imagine if he tried to EDIT something? he likely doesn't even know what that means.) anyway, one of his puppets called global warming "speculative musings." george bush is A-musing as president. too bad he's president of my country. and too bad that comes at a cost for the rest of us. i would rather have stephen colbert as president. STEPHEN COLBERT FOR PRESIDENT!

anyone would be better than dear old W. i'd even be okay with miss piggy as president. or mr. salt or mrs. pepper from blues clues. at least they've developed reasoning skills!

p.s. if you want to see the article i'm referring to, please email me or leave a message here. i'll gladly send it along.

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