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Saturday, January 27, 2007

waiting for the championship game to end....

hey! i'm sitting here as "hostess of birthday parties" waiting for the 7:00 party to show up. and for the two 5:30 championship games to end. i hear mass cheering and i believe hank just left to pass out trophies.

last night as i was hanging out with big red on the tennis courts (big red is our massive vacuum-cleaner type thing) and i saw a puddle. initially, i thought this puddle was made by someone who spilled their water. as i continued around with big red, i heard a tiny "ker-splash" and continued on. as i got closer to the east wall, i heard louder "ker-splashes." finally heard a HUGE "KER-SPLASH" and i realized that our brand new building not even 4 months old yet has a leaky roof. i'm sure the melting snow atop this place isn't helping. the whole inch-and-a-half of snow that we've got this season. funny how when the temp. gets cold it doesn't leak anymore. that can't be good.

the freezing and thawing of a leaky roof. ugh.

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