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Monday, March 05, 2007

big red truck

went to crown point last nite with tony & deb to try to move a stage set for a play my roommate is putting on at our church in august. we had wanted to store the set in the barn at church but apparently it needs a bit of housekeeping first. so we got this guy rick to let us borrow some of his barn in hebron.

we were told 3 pickup-trucks would do the trick. i showed up with mark's truck and deb & tony showed up with theirs. okay. so that's TWO pickup trucks. once we got there at 6pm, we were immediately told to not return till 7:30. once we did, it was laughable. there was no way EIGHT pickup trucks would haul all this stuff.

so thankfully rick is a very cool guy and was willing to drag out his semi and flatbed out on a sunday night to haul all this stuff to his barn. AND we got lucky. he said the stuff can just stay on the flatbed till about may. then hopefully we can store it in the church barn till august.

whew. thanks to deb & tony & rick.

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