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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

extreme, nearly CRIMINAL incompetence

libby got caught. dick cheney now has a huge cloud over his own head. and our dear president who has been seen "praying" in public and speaking outwardly about being a follower of God looks even worse. how can this administration claim to be "faith-based?"

EVERYTHING in this administration's wake helps the public to see clearly that our "leaders" are unable to lead. and most everything is based around LIES. all i have to say is this: if "W" decides to go ahead and pardon libby in about a year-and-a-half, his term in office has been nothing but a joke. that will just seal it. nobody's held accountable. and what's worse: christians get yet another bad rap because of his complete and undeniable hypocrisy. i believe he's doing more harm than he could ever imagine. once you start (START?) thinking you're above the law and have to answer to no one, you're screwed.

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