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Thursday, March 01, 2007

leaving...on a jet plane

i'm back. back in freezinger indiana. (freezinger than san diego, anyway.) according to the weather channel it's freezing raining right now. that must be what's banging against my window. hmm. the bright lights and loud sounds must be thunder and lightning already! they said tomorrow we're supposed to have "strong" thunderstorms. sigh. i love violent weather but i'm still sad about freezing and drippy san diego. and no sailing too. snif. oh well.

left today from the san diego airport around one-ish p.m. it was chilly again today. i'm not sure why but i wanted to sit by the window on the plane. glad i did. took some mighty cool pics...the only way they'd be better is if there were less/no clouds. there's point loma, the north part of the island (with the naval base), and facing east off the coast of coronado island. you can even see where we stayed. see? i'm pointing to it. see? see?

okay. back to work tomorrow. back to the old grind. my mom and pop are leaving for africa on friday. wow. bizzy bizzy bizzy.

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