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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

freshest air ever

with an exception to the U.P., of course. (the air i'm referring to is out on the open water--where the calibogue sound and atlantic meet.) sailing yesterday was the funnest time yet. i went out on a tri-hull boat (four hulls including me! tee hee hee) and the wind was STRONG. in fact, my kayaking got cancelled for today because it was too windy. but i'm not too miffed because i got to sail yesterday and i'd much rather SAIL than kayak. but i do like them both. btw, i did see dolphins while sailing but didn't catch any of them on film. (how do you get saltwater out of a camera, anyway?)

remember how i explained earlier that everything on the island is really hard to find? stuff is very far off the road and just blends in perfectly? i found a very nondescript building today which ended up being a mcdonalds! the little silver sporty car in front is our rental. it's ok--but full of blind spots!

the guy with traci and i is Dennis Van Der Meer. he's a famous tennis coach who moved here from south africa about fifty years ago. he's a very cute old guy. the tennis school traci's at is called the "van der meer tennis university." mr. van der meer walks around a lot just nodding in approval and saying, "good, good." his wife is usually with him walking around and watching all that is going on. there's a guy named tim who works at the courts (my courts--in valpo) on occasion who took lessons from and met dennis van der meer and his right hand man louie. and this was all back in 1975! mr. van der meer is still here (obviously) and so is LOUIE! the van der meer tennis academy is a great little place with a lot of really supportive, kind coaches. it's full of a friendly staff who seems more like a family than a tennis staff of pros.

sorry i didn't post anything yesterday; i was too wiped out after being out on the water (and in the wind) yesterday.

and oops--i see i duplicated two pics. oh well!

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