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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'll be gardening?

here are a few pics of my progress thus far. since i decided to take over a plot of sod about 14x16 square feet in my parent's backyard, i've had to dig out the perimeter so mr. fox would know where to rototill. then i had to rake out the sod and now i'll have to do a little more digging & raking to get out those fern plants that stubbornly remain. but as for the fuzzies, (rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc.) if i need to i'll sit outside with a pellet gun to get rid of the varmints that will want to eat my veggies.

today i plan to erect my fence to mainly keep out the rabbits. (my dad's helping me.) but any fuzzies who i catch eating MY veggies will be subject to the hose, water gun, and if i get desperate, a pellet gun. unfortunately i won't be able to stand guard much. so hopefully my fence works really well.

btw, the house next to ours that has my garden flush up against their porch wall-which is actually on our property-has been abandoned for at least ten years. we have no idea what the heck is up with that but all i have to say about it is "no neighbors are better than rotten neighbors!" the house isn't the prettiest house and in fact the porch's reddish roof-awning type thing is quite ugly.

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