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Saturday, May 03, 2008

up late...

and it's one hour later here in this eastern time zone! i gotta go to bed. but i just hafta say i am having a ton of fun at this retreat. we got in trouble tonight from the hotel staff for being too loud. guess we gotta keep up tradition! i'm in the bottom of this pic with jamie costas, (forgot her married name), lisa haislet, bethany drew, holly sutton, and a sally person that i don't know very well. gotta change that!!!

but i duked it out on guitar hero with bette jo. she's fun! but watch out when playing spoons with her. she's VICIOUS! betty marquez and betty stralnic are animals as well and i must say cindy miller plays for blood! ruth fortney and kathy underwood will DEFINITELY be bruised tomorrow! penny sacrificed a necklace as well. too bad it looked like a spoon from afar. ahhhh, what fun.

oh well. (and GOOD NIGHT!)

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