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Monday, June 02, 2008

scott mcclellan, "rev" michael pfleger

what a couple of clowns.

scott mcclellan has every right to write about his days in the white house--but he immersed himself too much in the beltway, i believe. he got sucked in so much that he himself didn't even know the truth. yet he sat and jawed on and on about lies and "misconceptions." (which was painfully obvious to the rest of the world...) so i guess i'm glad he wrote about his experiences. it's a free country. but to me, he's not anymore a newly liberated man than he is a fool to be mocked for standing up and defending all of our dear president's decisions and being super cocky about it when he knew nothing of what he spoke about at all. i suppose the democrats will jump all over this. oh well. the current administration needs to be replaced anyway.

as for mike, i don't have much to say other than WHAT AN IDIOT. since when is the pulpit a place to get political? EVER??? so he likes to be controversial, eh? whatever. nobody's impressed. he hasn't really apologized for what he said either. he just somewhat said he was sorry that people took what he said the wrong way. i don't even like hillary. but i guess he's gotten enough hate mail that he'll prolly back off from such a spirited "sermon" for a good long while.

what a couple of morons.

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