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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

last day

weather is awful. it's been ridiculous. i couldn't even go sailing today on my AMERICA'S CUP boat due to excessive wind. something crazy like 24 knots. the coast guard was going nuts and didn't want anyone to go out. BUMMER. as i got to the dock--mind you it was cold and rainy anyway and i was soaked by the time i got there--this guy chad told me about the wind issues and told me to call his cell around one to see what may be going on later today. nothing happened. the wind was too insane. they did take out the "abracadabra" which is the america's cup boat painted by WYLAND. dolphins all over the sides of it. but it was for the OLN channel/network because they were doing a documentary for the upcoming america's cup. i sadly SADLY watched it go. i was supposed to go out on the "stars & stripes" but i wached this dude chad put on this MASSIVE sail cover and walked back to seaport village where i had parked my car. he had told me to come down and hang out on the dock for as long as i wanted though, so that was cool.

i moved up my appt. at the salon (called "roses") and went and got a new foil. here are two pics. like it? after that i showed my mom around the del and we hung out a bit. but there was no awesome sailing for me today. very sad. i might get over it. maybe with lots of therapy.

we're coming home tomorrow. it's been freezing here and rainy. QUITE windy as well. too windy. what luck.

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