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Sunday, August 26, 2007


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in short, here's what's up. we've been in afghanistan for six years now and STILL haven't a clue about the culture/religion of muslims. how are we gonna reach them if we continue to be STOOPID? our beloved american soldiers dropped a bunch of soccer balls (mostly for the children) out of helicopters in the khost province of afghanistan. the soccer balls had flags all over them.

unfortunately for us, we included the saudi arabian flag which is a bit more sacred than the rest. saudi arabia's flag includes the "shahada" which is one of the 5 pillars of islam--it's actually their declaration of faith. in the exact words, the word "allah" is included. since allah's name is on it and these words are super sacred, it is totally offensive to muslims who are very sensitive about how and where they're used--to have people kick around the equivalent to the koran. what the heck.

WHY ARE AMERICANS SO IGNORANT? i know people make mistakes. but how much longer are we going to continue to offend the world around us--especially when we are a country who is trying desperately (AND FAILING MISERABLY) to play GOD.

let me further mention that none of this was in any of american's news stuff. i found it on the bbc. the britich broadcasting company. why? because it's a total embarrassment of both political parties? we can't point the finger at one and blame them? yeah. it's all of us. but while i'm on the subject, united we stand, divided we fall. we are a country more divided than EVER before. it's all republican or democrat. I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I'M NEITHER. neither neither neither.

let me go throw up now.


Shane Vander Hart said...

Hi Becky, I understand your main point, but did want to remind you that the U.S. contributes more in humanitarian aid than any other country. Somehow the incredible good that our country and our citizens do gets constantly overlooked.

I'm sure the NY Times picked it up - they love anti-American news stories.

sailfish said...

right. we contribute more money to most other countries than any other country. again, here's an issue i have. guns vs. butter. ask cheryl who mr. reggie is--from valpo high school. anyway, as my american foreign policy teacher, he was awesome.

we don't have money to take care of the issues we have here in our own country. and we wouldn't need to contribute so much if we as a country didn't MEDDLE as much. and screw up so many other countries so that they would need so much aid.

for example, our government subsidizes so many farm industries of super-wealthy people who need no assistance at all. but at some point in the 1920's it was determined that they did. the farmers who do need aid yet are still trying to grow crops despite all the ridiculous "guidelines" and all are having a totally rough time doing it. with no subsidies at all.

my point is that until we can fix our own massive amount of problems, we should stop playing GOD to the rest of the world. and all of our humanitarian aid is pretty much conditional. and that's not truly giving anyway.

and about the islam thing...after occupying this country for six years, (afghanistan) and islam being a religion that's been around for a while, (as well as the country of saudi arabia), we are still not able to be culturally sensitive, I HAVE AN ISSUE. it was a kindly gesture but we have again shown our stupidity.

sailfish said...

i apologize...it would be nice if i could SPELL. but if you didn't notice, then i'm not tellin.


Recovering said...

i-ee kant spel eether.

I would love to see the world's reaction if we became the isolationist you are advocating...

...I also think your mindset assumes that everyone would leave us alone, that we would no longer be a target, and the global economy would just tick away with everyone smiling if we quite "meddling."

I'm not saying we don't make mistakes...but if we don't "meddle," than countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and others will. And, left unchecked...I don't think we want to go there.

sailfish said...

i'm not at all advocating we become isolated. just fair. fair and just. i prefer that we would fix our own problems back home here in the states before we go and piss off the world. with all of our hypocrisy, we aren't doing much good anyway.

understandably north korea, china, parts of the old soviet union and other places need to be watched to some degree, but i must say that we aren't doing anyone any favors by not being able to provide a government for OURSELVES that actually functions properly. as it was intended. if we could be a good example for other countries, then fine.

don't you think our issues stateside are absolutely astronomical??? we're in trouble. don't deny it.