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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

rove's ride trashed...

sweet. at least someone has a sense of humour in washington. and at least the secret service/security around the white house decided for once what is really important. only thing that would be funnier is if a security camera would've caught a lame duck being the one doing the decorating.

and as for this senator craig guy...what the heck? that's gross. i mean, he's that desperate for what, anal sex? ugh. and in a public restroom? double ugh. especially as a hard core republican AND considering that he pleaded guilty--he DEFINITELY needs to be replaced. no question about it. i think he'll suffer embarrassment for a long time, tho, considering what craziness is on youtube, the news, late night shows, letterman & leno, etc. good grief. i almost feel sorry for the guy. but not really. i'm sure he's not sorry it happened, but for as much as what most are apologitic for, he's sorry he got caught.


Shane Vander Hart said...

I haven't seen those pictures before. That reminds me of when I was the Dean of Students at South Haven Christian School and these two 7th graders made the 2 snow "boulders" and blocked my car in. That was pretty funny.

Regarding the Senator Craig thing - I blogged on that at a political blog that I contribute to at http://recoveringtruth.blogspot.com/2007/08/taking-gop-behind-woodshed.html

sailfish said...

dude, that's HILARIOUS! i have my own story about doing something similar to that. i'll make another entry about that sometime in the near future.