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Saturday, August 25, 2007

our poor widdle twees

all around us, the weather reports from last night's insane weather cited wind speeds of between 70-84mph. and i can attest to that because i was crazy enuf (or stupid enuf) to climb up to the roof of the building i work at which is a huge building that is at the highest point in porter county. man, i could have blown right off if i had wanted to. oh yeah, then there was lightning too. AHA! so i decided toasted pop tart becky was not a good idea so i came right back down again.

anyway, our somewhat little trees in our newly landscaped parking lot fell over. so since we didn't have power all day today, we fixed our little trees and did landscaping stuff this morning. it's hard to work in a building with no windows! i ran over to our church to pee (the property next to us) but they had no power either. i walked around and said hi to everyone and saw bob had no problem working in HIS office. yeah, he has two windows and when i stopped by, he had a precious hour left on his laptop. greg carter was cleaning out his files; he has a window too.

anyway, it was an interesting-ish day. and then we were on the roof again today: 1. to see why water is coming in near or through our a/c and heating units, and 2. to hang out cuz there was nothing else to do.

so this was my day. and i know we got power back today somewhere between 7-10pm. cuz the voicemail at the building is answering our fones again.

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