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Thursday, August 09, 2007


yeah, YOU. i know you were just trying to help...but did you really want the big red fire trucks to show up?

so brynn was trying to help mommy cook dinner tonight without mommy knowing. somehow, deb had turned on the broiler for a pizza for dinner and in a split second, brynn cooked a plastic hamburger bun, potato chip, and cell phone. i understand her cooking food but the cell phone? anyway, there's soot and ash everywhere on the main level of their house. in my opinion, the basement is FINE but i'm not sure about the upstairs. so the fire department came and put a huge fan at the door to suck out all the bad black smoke. the fire had already been put out by the time they got there. (and the really bad black smoke was from the cell fone battery, most likely.) a neighbor person, grandpa-type-person, ran in and supposedly extinguished the fire in the broiler/oven but the house was full of black smoke.

so thanx to the fire dept for the big fan. and thanx to the grandpa-person for helping out. and thanx to brynn for a fun evening.

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