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Saturday, February 17, 2007


sicker than a sick pup. fever is around 102 when i don't remember to take my advil in regular increments. or if i finally fall asleep and can rest--but again--don't take the advil. my THROAT is KILLING me. my ears are not my friends either. i have whatever this is because i was being a punk. my boss' kid was playing on my computer one day and left her nestle crunch bar sitting next to my keyboard. i knew she had been out of school sick and she had even lost her voice--for nearly a week. but i wasn't thinking of that when i tried to be a smart aleck took a bite of it. (and made fun of her for not being more protective of her chocolate. usually she's insanely protective of the cocoa bean and food that it provides...)

anyway, i think i'll survive. my dad picked up some theraflu yesterday and fox brought me some orange joos today. tris came by tonight with some of those cepacol throat lozenges. anyway, i have got to get better before monday. (when me and mom head out to san diego for her conferences. problem is that for the first two days we're staying with some of our old friends from our chicago days who are a bit elderly. they CANNOT get sick with this.) not only that, but i'm missing the high school retreat that i'm supposed to be on RIGHT NOW. my kids are seniors this year and it's their last retreat! ugh. but with my head throbbing as it has been, i would be of no use there. prolly couldn't even sleep cuz of all the noise, too. i guess it's better i stayed home. but it was not NOT the plan. ish. today i'm feeling well enuf to watch a little t.v. and check my email. (my laptop had a full charge so it's here in bed with me.) my floor is a littered mess of dirty kleenexes and empty water and gatorade bottles.

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Ali said...

not that i want u to be sick or nothin' but i mean come on - ur 'bosses kid'?? she just happens to be one of the coolest jr highers around - hello! ;)