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Sunday, February 25, 2007

i wanna meerkat

after a while of being on the fone with some guy in st. louis and a guy here at this hotel, i'm finally online. these rooms don't have wireless and the ethernet connection was screwed up. the guy here in ca had to go to the basement of the hotel to fix it. i don't care how he did it but he did. crazy all the stuff i had to go through this afternoon. the fone stopped working too. (i called the 24/7 tech support guy in st. louis on my cell fone while i waited for the dude here to reset stuff and get new cables. what the heck?) anyway, we're at the Glorietta Bay Inn. it's on coronado island right across from hotel del. tell ya more about that later.

me and mom went to the san diego zoo yesterday. we had lunch at albert's--which we had trouble finding. but it was worth it. i had baked chicken with rosemary and lemon with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. mom had a crabcake thing with fries. (we switched veggies & fries.)

the polar bear was my favorite because he was so cute. (or she?) anyway, all it did was eat carrots and sweet potatoes. it liked its audience too. you could tell.

we saw the elephants and giraffes have lunch too. the meerkats were my second favorite. i want one. hope you liked the pics!

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