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Friday, February 23, 2007

ford stinks

literally. i'm not sure what they masked the odor with for four days but yesterday our little ford fusion was FOUL. smelled like something crawled up in there and died. i bought some febreeze this morning and sprayed down the car completely but that didn't help much. so after i dropped my mom off at the conference, i showered, packed the car, and checked out. i headed west on el cajon blvd. where i knew i saw an enterprise earlier. the lady directed me all the way back to the airport locaiton where i ran into a dude named judd who apologized and switched me into a jeep liberty. yeah, a little upgrade at no extra charge. better not be an extra charge! they're handing out funky fords! P.U. anyway, i'm waiting for my mom to call to let me know she needs to be picked up. she prolly won't know it's me in a different car. she'll figure it out. anyway, since there's still a chance of showers today, we're shopping at fashion valley mall. (where there's a nordstrom, saks, etc.) no jcpenney or sears. ew. tomorrow we're planning on heading for the zoo.

something else...out here they have to give FOUR seperate forecasts for the san diego area! there's a coastal forecast, inland, mountain, and desert. after watching the mountain forecast i feel like i'm back at home. rats. anyway, it's supposed to be mid-60's and sunny for the next ~3 days. later!

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