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Thursday, February 22, 2007

brrrr in san diego which is NOT sunny

i'm in san diego with my mom who has two conferences to go to. anyway, she's at one right now and i don't need to pick her up till about 5pm tonite for dinner. anyway, when we got here it was POURING like i haven't seen in a long time. san diego had a major cold front come thru on monday. well guess what. it's cloudy out right now and they're slated to have a DILLY come in later today. even with thunderstorms. they're talking on the news about the flood control problems and how they're likely to get several FEET of snow in the mountains. ANOTHER cold front. can i just say that after leaving valpo which was at about 5 degrees upon departure that we're in not-so-sunny san diego at 55 degrees? it TOTALLY sucks. i just got off mapquest cuz i was trying to get directions to old town from here. i'm a bit northeast of old town. i guess i'll go hang out there till the weather gets really crappy. i guess i'll go back to the hotel then. everything i wanna do is outside!!! i gotta say, i brought 2 hoodies and a fleece jacket cuz i knew it was supposed to be cold. but good grief! i've gotten both of my hoodies dirty AND my fleece! one of my hoodies got soaked in the first rainstorm and once it couldn't take in any more water, (and i was more than wet) i took it off and tied to my suitcase during the whole "looking for a rental car" thing. now i'm looking for a new and clean hoodie. (what's new?)

anyway, just thought i'd say hello from not sunny san diego.


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