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Monday, June 26, 2006

everyone in a different hospital (each in a different state too....)

surgeries out the wazoo! i can't even believe it! patti, karl, and my MOM were all today! tomorrow is jeannie and it continues....

my mom's doc said the surgery went well. she had her appendix out as well as a THING (an unwanted thing) that had been growing on her appendix. so because of that, he also took out part of her colon. part of the wall of her colon. so although it's not as bad as it could have been, mom's recovery is still slow. pray for her. pray for patti and karl who are also recovering from other (rather serious) surgeries today.

nationals is coming up soon! gonna be at purdue for a week. two days after that, i'm leaving for L.A. and then to china. but back to purdue...a random new friend emailed me and said he is going to be there! i met him in new orleans last october/november during the week of cleanup that my church was there. didn't really think i'd see him again! and yeah, he was another one who got to (had to) witness the ever embarrassing events of short me jumping over not-so-short chairs, crashing into a table, and completely ripping apart my arm. owch.

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