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Monday, June 12, 2006

the World Cup

finally...something that the U.S. has to work for. something we can't excel at. not just DON'T excel at but CAN'T. something where the rest of the world kicks our derriere. EASILY.

i'm sick to death of the big ol' nasty tattooed NBA and NFL players. getting paid millions to throw a ball through a hole or to make a ball to go across a little line drawn in the grass. are you serious? while schools have completely outdated books? kids in upper grades headed toward high school graduation who don't know how to read? classes without a textbook for each child? hardly any resources for the teachers to use? and in some cases NONE?!?

and then what about attitudes and conduct as "role models?" how in the heck can kids look up to players who use illegal drugs to attain their desired results? (mostly made an issue through MLB.) what about the horrible attitudes of NBA babies who get calls from the ref they don't like? what about the ones who are still young enough to throw temper tantrums? (okay--i shouldn't discriminate by age.) why are they even playing? and once a game is over they can't even speak in ENGLISH to explain their "strategy?" STRATEGY? i'm confused here. i'm confused as to why our country's priorities are so infinitely screwed up. and we wonder why kids act the way they do? and why our country is going to he** in a handbasket? well i guess the lack of good parenting doesn't help but role models who completely suck and have absolutely no character aren't helping either.

if our country could seriously get into a better sport--one played with TRUE strategy and won with honor--we'd at least be on the right track. i am not in any way trying to imply that true football (futbol) is the answer to our vast problems, but if we could compete with integrity and dignity at a WORLD sport, we might make some sort of headway. and get some real respect. why would we be proud of ourselves--during past olympics--for absolutely annihilating other countries at baseball? basketball or football too for that matter! those are UNITED STATES SPORTS! duh! are you kidding? that's like me making up a new game, practicing it for a long time, and beating everyone who plays against me. woo woo! that's no achievement! no accomplishment! we are so about ourselves we don't even know what the rest of the world is playing! why is it that there was still no soccer in the midwest until just the past TEN years? wow. we are SO out of it. i see the midwest isn't just slow in fashion and design, but every aspect, i see.

if you ask me, we could do better at being a country. a "respectable" country. how embarrassing. oh yes, and congratulations to the czech republic. you did well. i hope we don't continue to embarrass ourselves too badly.


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