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Thursday, June 22, 2006

where does scottie pippen golf, anyway?

while waiting for my parents at the baggage claim, i ran into scottie last nite at o'hare waiting for his golf clubs. he's still dang tall (especially with the 'fro) but a BEANPOLE. man, is he small now! becky fox and i debated for a WHILE and she kept saying there's no way... but then a whole bunch of people behind us that were in some group yelled, "hey scottie!" and he turned and waved at them. so then as he finally was able to get to his golf clubs, i scooted over and said "hold still a sec" and fox got our picture by the starbucks in terminal 3. ah well, here it is. but seriously, if it weren't for his telltale nose, i had almost mistaken him for a light post wearing sunglasses.

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