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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

while you were out

last week my parents went to the dominican republic for vacation. i decided to overhaul our yukky basement to make it a bunch cooler. and that i did. i organized EVERYTHING and threw out gross stuff that had been in a previous flood or had no use whatsoever. (we have since been flood-proofed. as much as a basement CAN be flood-proofed.) anyway, one of those things i threw out was an old ping-pong table. it had served its purpose well. but after having it for a few years, my mom decided to iron curtains on it. DON'T DO IT! that will render the thing useless. trust me. i gotta say after unscrewing parts of it to cart upstairs, it was DANG heavy. and then it was just kept around to put stuff on. STUFF. you'd be surprised how much STUFF i found on it. i also got some fun new exercise equipment for my rents. (PA-rents.) a rowing machine and a cardio-thing. anyway, enjoy the before and after pix.

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Shirley said...

I could have used you to organize my moving. But we are set now. The basement in Valpo looks good. Was mom happy?