i would rather sail than do anything.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


well...we are going to china! deb and i will be going in july--somewheres from the middle of the month to the end. we'll be in cali for a bit too. we're flying in and out of LA. if i get lucky i'll stay a little while in san diego when we get back. i love the dolphins and the pacific. boogieboarding is sweet there too. (especially with the dolphins.) i'll be at purdue (for nationals) the first week of july and will have approx. one week to pack and get ready the rest of the way for the big trip. (finish getting shots, etc.) yeowch. anyhoo, be looking for pictures for when i return. but as for now, i have exactly ELEVEN miserable school days left.


Lord of the Barnyard said...

spike is still here. he's not so small or as friendly anymore. even if his friendlyness then was just that he was too weak to run away.

after summer, then what?

sailfish said...

dunno. wish i knew.

spike wasn't ever friendly, really...he was just too young and dumb to know how to get away from me!

i thought of you twice this week...once while i waited for a forever LONG train which had a kajillion john deeres on it. three to a car. i lost track of the cars there were so many. going east.

then yesterday, some poor kid broke an axle on some piece of farm machinery i think you have. don't know what it's called though. he was mostly pulled over by the side of the road by my church. i felt bad but knew there was nothing i could do about it. so i kept going.

i was halfway thinking of coming out in the end of june but now my mom's having surgery (on the 26th) so i might have to wait until august...july's getting insane. and then if i don't have a job by then i'll have to start getting serious about that.


Ann said...

Woo-hoo, is right!!! I am SO excited that you get to go with her -- I believe the Lord has orchestrated this. You will be a big blessing to her thru this trip. By the way, I like that you have a friend who calls himself Lord of the Barnyard. Hahaha. I miss you! Email me Speed Racer's email address, would ya? Tanks.

sailfish said...

the "lord of the barnyard" is truly the lord of the barnard. he flings poo, too.

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