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Saturday, July 29, 2006

back from china....

many apologies about having my blog blocked from good ol' china. all blogs are blocked as well as a few other things. ah well, democracy isn't all bad i guess.

i came back from china with some crazy chinese germs that cause my throat to hurt unimaginably and i'm quite certain i have an ear infection. the fever comes and goes but right now it is gone. (asian bird flu?) just kidding. but who knows. anyway, i have a doc. appt for monday to maybe get some antibiotics but until then, my mom took pity on me and although i have my own vicodin from my rotator cuff injury last fall, she gave me her tylenol 3 from a recent colon surgery she had. woohoo!

the baby my friend adopted is the cutest thing ever. even if she DID share her germs with me. actually, all the babies from the orphanage were sick so i could have gotten whatever i've got from any of them. sigh. but it was worth it. we saw the great wall, the forbidden city, summer palace, and all the other cool stuff. beijing is WAY under construction. they have to hurry to get stuff done by 2008 for the olympics there!

brynn (formerly liu qian guo) loves to play. she is a happy baby who only cries when she's hungry or tired. she's adjusting well to her new environment and new mommy. she's not a drama queen (like some of the other high maintenance little girlies over there....) brynn is very active and has to check out EVERYTHING. she smiles a lot and loves to chew on plastic water bottles.

now that i've posted a few pics, i've got to get back to making this dvd.

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