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Monday, July 31, 2006

it's HOT

yeah, it's hot here. it's 78 degrees since the storms rolled thru and the dew point is about 70. (the heat index is at 81 degrees.) humidity is about 80% and it seems hot. but i've gotta tell you that in china, SOUTHERN china, even around midnight, the actual temp would be 96 degrees with a heat index of 104. the dew point would be 82 easily and the humidity in the 90's. the heat over there was so OPPRESSIVE that i would go to the hotel pool in guangzhou to try to cool off and the pool water was the same temp as the air! so then i'd just go back up to my room and lay on the bed with the a/c cranked. i would tell myself i'd go shopping later for souvenirs and stuff--like after dark--but it was just as bad after dark. the smog and haze would trap the sun's energy/heat so even in the dead of night you couldn't escape it. i won't even go into detail about the heat during the DAY.

our hotel was on an island (shamian island) which was on the pearl river. at night the city of guangzhou went wild with neon lights. kinda different. even our hotel was outlined in green at night. the two pools were amidst many pieces of foliage. mostly trees of some kind--lots of palm trees too.

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