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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

leaving tomorrow....

well, i must pack a lot of stuff into a little space. not good for me. with my bag's weight and the baby's stuff, i have only SIX pounds for my own stuff. hmph. i'll make it work. wow. but it's tuff.

i hope i have access to my email in china...i've heard they often block stuff so even on my own computer i may not be able to access stuff like this blog, for instance. ah well, i'll hope for the best. the guy in this picture...the tall one with his arms crossed...that's dave. he's been to china before--a few years ago. hopefully he's given me enuf good advice to help me thru. otherwise, i'll email him and give him a hard time. that i will.

for anyone who wants to download skype, it's free. just go to www.skype.com and there it is. the time zone in china is 13 hours ahead of valpo time. wow. (it's free internet calling.) i'll be up late, most likely. so on most of your lunch hours, (if you're one of my dear american friends reading this) you can reach me. if you're a friend from elsewhere, just look online for china's current time and figure it out. and yes, it's one ginormous country but with ONE time zone. kinda handy, i guess. maybe not. i dunno.

o yeah, my skype name is "bekihull." see ya in august!

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