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Monday, July 31, 2006

raul for president? new dictator in cuba?

is raul castro now in charge of cuba permanently? i mean, fidel is 80 and he just handed down power to his little brother raul who is 75. what next? neither one of these guys are gonna last that much longer, are they? are there any other little castro brothers? cousins? second cousins? twice-removed?

and don't even get me started about the middle east. why did the palestinians have to go and kidnap those israeli soldiers back in july? man, they opened up a can of worms. and while israel is defending itself to some degree, too many folks from lebanon are going into syria and iran and getting those folks all riled up. the arabs hate us already--for many reasons that i don't even blame them. i understand israel's point but you can't go and bomb the crap out of lebanon and kill all these civilians and children. and what about qana? can they prove that hezbollah or hamas were there amidst the innocent? the u.s. has got to stop "overnighting" weapons to israel. everyone hates us already. soon it's gonna be the world against america and israel. and i must say, israel is in a worse geographic position to handle such hatred. at least the americans can sit across the ocean and be all self-absorbed as usual. i wonder how many u.s. citizens actually know that syria is getting their military ready. and unfortunately, there are plenty of americans who have no idea there is even a conflict in the middle east. actually, probably don't even know where the middle east is. what's it gonna take to get a nation with half-way intelligent or informed citizens?

being in china was cool for yet another reason: i got to see three different viewpoints on the war. i watched CNN of course, (my least favorite), the BBC, and the chinese news channel in english. the more viewpoints, the better. it's easier to make a determination of what's really going on. but i feel like i still haven't a clue. but i do have a picture in my mind of mt. megiddo--in israel from my 1997 visit. i wonder where all my pictures are from my middle-east trip....

i did honestly enjoy our little side trip to the golan heights winery. i hope that little institution gets to stay. it was cute.

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