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Saturday, July 01, 2006

my classic car

okay, well it's a 2001 (toyota camry) but to some people, that's a classic. anyway, i had to run into church for a few minutes last night during what was apparently a car show in the parking lot. so you KNOW i had to back up my car and pop the hood too. when i came back out about ten minutes later, there were FOUR people standing around my car! yeah, my car thinks it's pretty cool now. getting all that attention.


Krazy Karl said...

I frequently have several people around the Rez Rocket (my van)... usually pushing it, though.

Anyway, in my neighborhood, if people are gathered around someone else's car, they're stealing parts.

sailfish said...

i know. :( i used to work in a place like where you live. and to be honest, the one guy told me how to clean the battery acid off the battery. oh well. but my car's little ego was stroked last nite.