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Saturday, July 08, 2006

nationals @ purdue

it's over! we got back today from purdue and i leave for china on tuesday. nationals was a really great time this year and with speakers like francis chan, mark cahill, ryan dobson, and SHANE CLAIBORNE, how can you go wrong? (man, it was good to see shane after 9 years!) he's got a new book out called "the irresistable revolution." i highly recommend it. i haven't finished it yet but i'm loving what i've read thus far. you can get it at barnes n noble. prolly borders too.

anyway, i'm not ready to leave yet. honestly, i haven't unpacked the car yet! i had to go to northwestern to get my second round of hepatitis a & b shots. owch. so while i was downtown, we went to the taste. (taste of chicago.) it was actually my first time! i'm not usually around this time of summer to do such things! i ran into kelly (friend from church) at the taste with one of her friends too!

so here are two pics: me and mike kane at one of the rallies at purdue and one of a sign from the taste. hopefully my little blog here won't be blocked while i'm in china cuz stuff is censored/restricted and i may not have access to it. i'll figure something out and email everyone. otay? i'll have fun pics daily and everything. if anyone wants to talk to me while i'm in china, download skype. it's free. late!

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