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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

33 school days left

well, i'm looking forward more than any other school year to the END of THIS year. i have so many seminars and workshops that i am expected to go to at this school! wow. i have an all-day workshop this saturday and monday after school i have another one! i could probably go to one every day if i applied myself. (i'm wondering...do my co-workers have a life?) i am amazed at some things that i see. in fact, i was asked THREE times where my summer school application was--and why i hadn't turned it in. my response all three times was, "why the heck would i turn in a summer school application if i have absolutely NO INTEREST in teaching summer school???" not to mention the fact that i'm usually gone over the summers anyway! usually i'm in bosnia or in the U.P. of michigan but this summer i may have the opportunity to go to china because i have a friend adopting a baby there. (i haven't been to china yet!) so let me see, let me think...would i rather sit in chicago and teach summer school or travel to the great wall and be with my friends? really. i mean COME ON.

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