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Sunday, April 23, 2006

leaving in 24 hours

okay. i should be in church right now and this is seriously a big sunday for my church. there is a WOMAN speaking for the very first time ever. it's about freaking time. WOOHOO! her name is gracia burnham and she is supposed to have an amazing story. i was so looking forward to this but i am not there because i am out buying and wrapping up ann's gift; i could not resist in the end. i had a really hard time deciding whether or not to get her a 30G video ipod or cash. back and forth, back and forth. but when i worked with her last nite compiling all her cds into a binder thing, (that weighs 8,000 pounds), i decided to go with the ipod. i realize she has no time to download music but i have all kinds of stuff on my computer that i can just put on her ipod and when she comes back in a year, she can download her own stuff if she wants. there's pictures, a LOT of different kinds of music, (our music tastes are a lot the same) and disney videos as well as some punk'd ones. (anyone like zack & cody and that's so raven?) yeah. let me remind you that i teach 4th grade. oh, SNAP!

well, i am SO gonna miss ann and rachel but i know they'll have an awesome time and will grow and learn. i'm a bit envious at this point but glad i'm not the one super stressed about leaving the country for a year. whew.

i'll miss you guys!!! :(

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