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Monday, April 17, 2006

43 school days left

it is hard going back to school after spring break--let me tell you. all day i thought about my cousin and her husband having today off as well as my aunt & uncle. hmph. i'll get over it. but i'm counting the days. surprisingly (sort of) to me, i mentioned this to the teacher across the hall and she said, "yup, it was 44 this morning and today is over so now it's 43." i completely thought i was the only one ready to quit for the summer. at least this early. we can keep count together. parent/teacher conferences are wednesday and we've started a new (and our last) marking period TODAY. sweet. summer will be here next. and i can go away to faraway, fun places like what is pictured above. and maybe even go with my friend to china for a couple weeks. suh-weet!

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